Winston Hill

Hall of Famer, Winston Hill made Colorado his home for 46 years with his devoted wife, Carolyn Hill. Together, they raised their family, worked and served, Carolyn through social work and Winston through community outreach. An East Texas Native, He moved from the small town of Gladewater, TX  to the Big Apple to play for the New York Jets for 15 seasons.  Winston moved to Colorado the year before the “Guaranteed” epic Super Bowl III, and some credit his incredible contribution to his off-season conditioning in high altitude.

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Winston always had a passion for barbecue and after football, he had a chance to follow that dream.  He retired in 1978, apprenticed under Colorado’s  legendary Pit-Master and community Philanthropist, “Daddy” Bruce Randolph.  Winston’s first restaurant was the Barbecue Pit on 8th and Colorado Blvd.  It was there that his Brisket and baked beans won acclaim.  Beyond barbecue, Winston used his love for food as a vehicle for friends and communities to rally together.  Winston dedicated himself to working with underserved communities. He gave motivational talks to youth, coached football, volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club, worked with kids at the Denver Indian Center, and he even volunteered as Chaplain for the Denver Broncos urging other professionals not to forget that opportunity required responsibility. 


When Winston was asked what his secret to his success was, he replied, “Two things,  Love what you are naturally inclined towards.  And enjoy your life.  Keep it simple, maintain that focus and you will succeed."


Heather and Hovlyn join their Dad in his motto: “Enjoy Your Life!”  When you eat the tasty barbecue that bears his name, that is the spirit or the rising SMOKE, we would like for you to take with you.


Enjoy Your Life! ~Winston Hill

Winston’s Smoke Barbecue

Jonathan Coggins 

I grew up in Arkansas, went to Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee and subsequently launched my career as an equity/options trader. My hobbies are too many to mention but the top four are easy to list: hunting, fishing, blues guitar, and cooking. As I look at my life, I can easily see how my chosen profession, as well as my hobbies, have led me to where I am today; general manager and ‘pitmaster' of Winston’s Smoke BBQ. 

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Jonathan & Abby 

 I grew up on food for the soul. Because of my underlying interest in food and a passion for business and blues music, I started my own sauce and dry rub company in 2000. I also launched a catering company, specializing in barbecued meats. I soon realized that I love cooking, love barbecued meats and love touching people’s hearts through a well-prepared meal. It was all backed up with a loving wife, two amazing sons and my two dogs that love me the best (because I smell like a smoked brisket). Food brings the world to a common ground and speaks to the very essence of who we are. That connection between myself and others is made with slow-smoked meats, homemade sides and desserts.

Ron Mitchell

Ron has over 40 years experience cooking and smoking meats.  He cooked and trained with Denver's BBQ Icon, Daddy Bruce.  Ron partnered with Winston and they opened Winston's Hills BBQ Ribs and Stuff on Arapahoe Rd in Centennial.  He has been pleasing the palates of Denver Bbq lovers for more than 30 years.

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